Vincent Robert is an artist born in 1992 in Nice, France. He studied photography in Paris where he currently lives. He divides his time between artistic creation and teaching photography to children.


In 2019 he finishes his first photography book Les Raffinés: he traces the path that he took to attain self-consciousness. How a person can move from darkness, blindness of self and the world around, to the realization of what this person is.


Les Raffinés is also the title of a video made in 2015: using excerpts from interviews with artists (Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Kanye West,

Albert Camus) he builds a dialogue and serves a purpose that will be the basis of the photographic project: Self-esteem as origin of altruism, as a driving force to move forward, to create. But also, the use of art

as a means of elevation.


At the same time, he published on the Internet his Notes vocales: a study in french on Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, which revolved around numerous artistic references, ranging from literature to painting and music.


  • 2021 - "Rendu photographique" d'ateliers AGAP Art&Santé, Institut Claude Pompidou, Nice, France.

  • 2020 - Les Raffinés, Coup de cœur Mars, Parisgraphie, Paris, France.

  • 2019 « Métamorphose », collective exhibition, works from Les Raffinés project, NAG – Not a gallery, Paris, France (Visite virtuelle de l'exposition)

  • 2017 « Madeleines », Institut Claude Pompidou, Nice, France.

  • 2014 « Blues », Institut Claude Pompidou, Nice, France.

  • 2014 « Paradise / Exposition des travaux des lauréats de l'EFET », Arles, France.

  • 2012 « Pas de cerveau pas de chocolat », l’Espace à débattre de Ben, Nice, France.

  • 2012 « Memo, Mémoire et Motivation », Atelier d'artistes KESKON FABRIQUE, Nice, France.